Our Creed


Publications which enjoy the privileges of membership of Country Press NSW are bound to uphold the principles which underlie a free, democratic society. Among the chief tenets of such a society are freedom of speech and the public's "right to know".

The preservation and defence of hard-won democratic traditions rest on an unfettered free-press. There exists an important social compact between the public and the press through which newspapers may report the news, without fear or favour, express public opinion and offer editorial comment and interpretation. In return, the press acknowledges its responsibilities and obligations to the society it serves.

Member publications of Country Press NSW are deeply engaged with the communities they serve. While maintaining the honourable traditions of reporting and journalism, member publications provide a mirror of community life, act as forums for discussion, chronicle and record local histories and stimulate progress.

CPNSW is proud of its long history of service through the pages of its member publications to local communities, the regions, the State of NSW and Australia.


  • Country Press NSW believes in the freedom of the press.
  • CPNSW believes that people have a right to be accurately and honestly informed about news and events.
  • CPNSW further believes that those producing news content and comments should adhere to accepted standards, ensuring responsibility and accountability. In this regard, the self-regulation mechanisms provided through The Australian Press Council (APC) are endorsed and supported by the Association. CPNSW is affiliated with the APC through membership of Country Press Australia and it embraces the Objects, Principles, and Complaints Procedure of the Council.
  • CPNSW seeks to assist members in providing publications which are credible, authoritative, informed, balanced, and professionally produced.
  • The Association seeks to encourage training and the development of skills required to ensure that member publications aspire to the highest standards of journalism, presentation and production.
  • Member publications of CPNSW are expected to exercise the highest standards in business dealings, the sale and publication of advertising and the keeping and display of circulation records.